What is ecotourism?

Much of ecotourism is about building awareness, by spreading the word and supporting those who visit our beautiful island, to respect for our local natural environments. 

Ecotourism also focuses on lessening human impact by using pre-existing facilities, minimizing development and leaving no trace. 

A big part of ecotourism is integrating with our local ways, from understanding the process at the recycling depot and sharing our trails and roads, to ensuring we all conserve water. It is about visitors immersing in our local culture and really soaking up all there is to know about our beautiful Hornby Island. 

That way, when our visiting families go home they become part of our Island community and the values that we share are in their hearts forever.

The picture to the right is of the gate to the garden, located at the old Cardboard House Bakery.

Our collective impact

Wind an Waves, along with many short term vacation owners, belong to HISTRA (Hornby Island Short Term Rental Association). 

By belonging to this association we come together to have a collective voice and help support sustainable practices on Hornby Island. 

You can learn more HERE.

By adopting sustainable practices, we will enjoy greater operational efficiency through lowering energy use, conserving water, minimizing waste and enjoying the cost benefits of these actions.

We also have the unique ability to increase guest awareness and engagement in their own sustainable practices, leveraging the benefits beyond the shores of our island!