Wind and Waves has been finding families vacation homes on Hornby Island since 1995.

In the beginning, Wind and Waves managed six homes and at one time managed as many as forty homes. Some of the home owners have been with Wind and Waves since the very early years and are very happy with service provided. The owners know their homes are truly cared for and that the wellbeing of the families who rent their home are a priority.

On October 1st, 2021 Frances Millan retired after over 20 years as owner of Wind and Waves.

Ray Therrien and Angela Hudson formed Wind and Waves Holiday Homes Inc. on October 1st, 2021. Ray and Angela are extremely excited to carry on Wind and Waves with the same dedication and excellent service that Frances has provided for so long.


Ray and Angela grew up in the Cowichan Valley on Vancouver Island. Angela has been connected to Hornby for 30 years, coming here with her children as a summer visitor and camping for over 20 years. Angela and her children fell in love with the island and she committed to moving to the island full time when her children were grown. Twelve years ago she purchased a lot, and built a home near Sandpiper Beach.

Ray and Angela were best friends in high school and having not been in touch for 38 years, reconnected six years ago and have been together ever since. Together they have eight children ranging from 18 to 39, and four grandchildren. Ray felt an immediately connection with the island and Ray and Angela decided to build their life, and their future together on Hornby, in their home in Sandpiper.

Ray’s background is in health and safety and emergency response. Ray spent many years working in the Crofton Mill in the protection department and when he left the mill, he was the Coordinator for the Safety, Health and Regulatory Training department. He also volunteered for twelve years as a firefighter with the Duncan and Crofton Fire departments before moving into training and managing various programs in health and safety/leadership for the workers in northern Alberta. Ray is now semi-retired and provides health and safety/leadership training in a consultant role around BC. Ray has renovated many homes and is very handy fixing things.

Angela has a financial and management background and was the Executive Director of a Vancouver Island nonprofit for the past 22 years. She has experience in policy and governance, affordable housing development, human resource management, fundraising and property management. Angela retired from that role in January 2022 and is now assisting another nonprofit as it winds down over the next few years.

Ray lives on Hornby full time and Angela travels back and forth to Victoria as work requires until she transitions to Hornby full time in a year. Their connection to Hornby Island runs very deep and they are extremely excited to carry on Wind and Waves with the same dedication and excellent service that Frances has provided for so long. Wind and Waves supports the values of ecotourism and will ensure that all our guests respect and love the island as much as our family does.