If you are considering renting your home for short term vacation rentals (STVR) it is important to know what is involved.  Wind and Waves works with owners who are part of the Hornby Island community of residents, both part time and full time. Our homeowners are following the Island Trust bylaws for Short Term Vacation Rentals and have a vested interest in our island community.  These owners have long standing connections to the island, and they treasure the fragility of the unique echo systems, and support initiatives to preserve them.  

It is important for those considering STVR that they have the proper insurance coverage in place before they begin renting.  Most home insurance policies does not cover STVR's and the owner will be required to provide additional insurance. 

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Here are some of the services Wind and Waves offers for a management fee:

  • Ensure the owner is in compliance with the STVR bylaws before you decide to do short term rentals
  • Conduct an annual safety inspection with the owner prior to the rental season
  • Assist in getting a water test done before the rental season begins (if the owner has not already done so)
  • Take pictures and develop the listing for the SRVR home 
  • Screen the guests to ensure they are going to be good renters
  • Check on the guests when they arrive to ensure they are welcome and everything in agreement with the booking
  • Collecting the rental fee in a trust account for the owner and remit the PST and MRDT (when approved) on the owners behalf
  • Provide the owners a monthly rental statement and payment of their net rental income by the 10th of the following month
  • Issue the owner an annual rental statement for income tax purposes in January for the prior year
  • During the rental season Wind and Waves will:
    • Provide cleaning between rentals
    • Restock necessary supplies 
    • Arrange for lawn mowing if needed
    • Provide a 24/7 property management contact number on a sign at the end of owners driveway during the rental period
    • Manage any issues with the guests 24/7 and attend on site if needed
    • Attend and oversee any necessary repairs (at owners request) that may be required

If you are a property owner and are looking for off season property management - Wind and Waves may be able to assist you!  Learn more HERE