Welcome to Hornby Island!

We are pleased you have chosen to spend your vacation on Hornby Island. There's so much to see and do that it would be impossible to do it all in one trip, so we invite you to come back again! 

In the meantime, be sure to make some time to sit back, relax and just do nothing at all, it's part of the reason so many people flock to our little island - to escape and enjoy a slower pace of life.

Like many of our visitors, you have decided to rent a residential home for your own special vacation getaway. That's great! This accommodation option has become a popular choice for families since it provides more privacy and a sense of togetherness that comes from staying in a private residence.

Perhaps the greatest benefit is the pleasure of “living like a local” in one of our unique residential neighbourhood communities. By choosing to stay in a short-term vacation rental, you will be residing among the many permanent residents who have chosen to call Hornby Island "home."

Staying in a private home or cabin allows visitors to experience a sense of community immersion, and much like any small community, the residents of Hornby Island value peaceful surroundings, and an environment that is quiet and safe.

What you need to know about our good neighbour policy

This information is intended to highlight a few ways you can be a good neighbour during your stay on Hornby Island. We ask for your cooperation to help keep Hornby Island an enjoyable place for everyone.

Follow the golden rule and treat others the way you would want to be treated back at home. Staying at a short-term rental means being a good neighbour and having consideration for those around you.

Please keep in mind that you may be evicted by Wind and Waves for creating a disturbance or for violating other provisions of the Island Trust Bylaws.

The surrounding neighbours have access to our Wind and Waves 24-hour phone number should they need to contact us.  The phone number is available on the Wind and Waves sign at the end of the driveway of your rental.

We are committed to working with guests and neighbours to avert potential problems and to ensure that developing issues are resolved.

What noise? 

Enjoy your stay and be a good neighbor

Vacation time with family and friends can be fun and exciting with plenty of conversations, laughter and music, and everyone on vacation wants to enjoy a good time away from their normal routines.

It is important to balance the vacation fun with the neighbour’s own quiet enjoyment of their homes – many of them are not on vacation and are leading normal lives during your stay.

Consider how you would want your neighbours to behave in your own neighbourhood. Chances are your Hornby neighbours will expect the same of you while you are here.

A little bit of consideration goes a long way.

We ask that you do not play loud music outside of your home, so please don't bring the speakers outside or crank up the music. Quiet time is 10pm to 9am.