Wind and Waves Holiday Homes is one of the founding members of the Hornby Island Short Term Rental Association. This Association was founded in 2019 to develop best practices for Hornby Island's short term rentals.

The foundation of the Association finds sustainability is core to everything that is valued on Hornby Island.

In order to retain its idyllic rural character, Hornby Island has intentionally avoided commercial tourist development and opted instead for the casual sharing of residential homes in local neighbourhoods to accommodate its guests.

Vacation Rentals is a way for Hornby Island to bring visitors to the Island and give them way to participate in local neighbourhoods and enjoy island life for the week or two they spend here.

HISTRA has grown to over 70 owners of short term rentals in just two years, and the Association continues to welcome new members each year. All owners who provide short term rental accommodation are encouraged to join HISTRA HERE.