We understand that your pet is a treasured member of your family and that you would love to bring them with you on your holiday to Hornby, however it is not always possible.   

Please review the rental listing to see if the home that you are considering allows pets. There are many reasons that the owners may not permit pets at their home, and we respect their decision.  

If the pet policy of the rental does not permit pets, please do not ask Wind and Waves to contact the owners to reconsider.  

If the rental does permit you to bring your pet, there are a few rules listed below that all renters are required to follow during their stay.  

Wind and Waves Pet Policy

  • No aggressive dog breads are permitted
  • You are responsible for maintaining control of your pet at all times to ensure the safety of others
  • All pet waste must be picked up and disposed of in the garbage
  • Do not leave your pet unattended at the rental unless the pet is crated inside the rental
  • Do not leave your pet outside unattended
  • Do not permit your dog to bark or whine constantly, a barking or whining dog disturbs the neighbours
  • Do not permit you pets on the beds or on the furniture in the home
  • Please bring all the supplies for your pet, pet carriers are not supplied at the rental

Once approved to bring your pet the following will apply:

  • An additional $100 per week pet fee will be applied to your rental
  • Any pet damage will be the financial responsibility of the renter