Each summer Hornby Island suffers increasingly from severe droughts and our community is particularly concerned about our limited water resources. Water conservation is an absolute must during your stay.

You are required to bring your own linens (bedding, towels, kitchen linens) when you come to the island, in order to reduce the amount of laundry washing that is done, which in turn decreases water consumption, especially when drawing water out of a cistern. 

Please understand that buying more water is not a sustainable or viable solution because it comes from our limited water aquifers. Last year the one water delivery service on-island limited the amount of water customers could purchase because they worried about running dry.

Please consider doing the following:

  1. Take short two minute showers
  2. Skip showering every day
  3. Flush toilets only when needed
  4. Do not run the taps when brushing your teeth or washing dishes
  5. Take your laundry home
  6. Do not water the lawn or garden
  7. Do not wash your car