Testimonials and Comments

What our owners and rental families think of the services Wind and Waves provides matters a great deal to us.  We strive to provide excellent support to the owners of the Wind and Waves homes.  We value open communication and feedback that provides both suggestions for improvement and what is being done well.  Wind and Waves has a high standard of cleanliness and provides cost efficient and professional maintenance. We work to ensure that the families that rent Wind and Waves homes care and value the home as much as the owners, and that the home is returned to the owners at the end of the season in the same condition as it was entrusted to us.  We are very blessed to have excellent cleaners and maintenance people who work along side us throughout the season.

We also want to ensure that the families that rent have the best possible time while visiting our beautiful island. We take great care in ensuring that the whole family participates in the unique culture and environment on Hornby Island.  Whether its being on call 24/7, or giving the welcome orientation to the family when they arrive, we are available to make sure their experience is an amazing one.

We have provided various ways to collect feedback from our customers.  Each family is able to comment after their stay and those comments are located at the bottom of each of the rental homes. In addition, we have asked our owners to provide some of their own comments on our services.  Here's what they have said …..


Wind and Waves have been managing our summer home for three years now. They book guests that are really respectful to the property and they manage any issues that may arise from time to time. Wind and Waves are quick to respond to any questions or concerns we may have and quite frankly I sleep better at night knowing they are there managing our property. It is a win win for us and our guests to enjoy the space and beauty of the island. I would not hesitate to recommend Wind and Waves to any other. 

I recently had the pleasure of working with Wind and Waves to manage our summer family cabin. The cabin itself was well taken care of, cleaned from top to bottom and was well maintained throughout the summer. Our cabin was built by my Dad and Mom forty years ago from timber from the our property and Wind and Waves gave attention to detail that put us immediately at ease.

The management company was also a pleasure to work with. They were very responsive and helpful throughout the entire process. They made sure that we had all the information we needed and were always available to answer any questions we had.

Overall, I would highly recommend Wind and Waves to anyone either looking for a summer cabin rental or thinking of renting their summer cabin out this summer. They provide excellent service, take great care of their properties, with a high standard of cleanliness, and treat the customer and home owner with service and respect. I highly recommend Wind and Waves.

Ray & Angela bought this business in the last couple of years & have been excellent to work with as they manage the rental of my Hornby house for the summer months. They are very safety conscious & have high standards for cleanliness.

The new managers, Ray and Angela of Wind and Waves have done an excellent job managing our 4 seasons home for the past year.

After our first summer rental season my wife and I had the pleasure of returning to our home for the weekend and had our best stay ever as the house was perfectly groomed and completely ready for our enjoyment.

Thank you to Ray and Angela and all their crew members.

Wonderful to work with.